Queen Esther

Queen Esther from Trinity Blood

This is based on one artbook image. Since the dress is mainly Elizabethan, I went with mostly Elizabethan construction methods. Since I was planning on researching this period anyway, I used the resources I’d begun to compile. Since Esther does not wear a chemise, the undergarments worn with this dress are not a complete set, but only an Elizabethan farthingale, bum roll, and corset. The gown is covered in beads and gold trim, which had to be sewn on by hand. The stripes had to be attached individually. I used mainly velvet, satin, and linen to construct all the pieces, as would be used in period. The sleeves are not Elizabethan, so I made them detachable.
Model: Daisy
Photographer: Maboroshi